Death And Deceit

Death and Deceit

Greetings to youll and Im very thankful that youve taken the time to read these personal words of mine. I wish to bring to youlls attention the deceit and trickery that the death penalty encompasses that not only deceives the condemned but those whom has taken the oath to mete out its maximum punishment.  Those twelve jurors whom are citizens whom has also been deceived, duped, deluded. I will attempt to give you each of these words own definition, and at the same time, show you how each of them was so used to sentence me to death.  I will also attempt to add some humor in all this, to keep your attention, however, know that this is indeed far from humorous to say the least.  But, one must make light of his unfortunate situation, in order to maintain some form of sanity.
Though this will take about a couple of writing to explain and paint a full picture for you, because I wish to explain this all to you with official documents to make my point. Ill begin with the first of three words here…..

Involves falsehood or the deliberate concealment or misrepresentation of truth with intent to lead another into error or disadvantage. Now, what you just read is the complete process of a Capital Murder trial. Or, of the one in which I was processed through. I shall explain, as youll read further through this unimaginable sequence of events…..
Involves the playing on ones  susceptibilities or naiveté This will involve the jurors, as well as myself, as each of us was taken through a process that weve never been before and was at the mercy of those whom wilfully misguided us and duped us. When a man was sentenced to die, from the actions of twelve people whom was readily influenced, by the powers that be, as well as being played on their emotions. Those whom are unresistant or yielding to law enforcement, and other powerful members i.e. District Attorneys, or Judges, and or expert witnesses…..

Involves the deception or misleading to the point of rendering a person unable to detect falsehood or make sound judgement hence, in deciding if one should live or die! ….
Now as you well know, each of those words are synonyms of each other, but they each has their own meaning which will be described in how I was convicted and sentenced to death row in Texas. Though this process is not limited to myself, its an operation of Texas judicial system, when it comes to all poor people charged with crimes. But, when Capital punishment is at stake this is the normal process…..
Sure there is, indeed a crime that has been committed, in which a life or lives has been taken):  I for one, is extremely remorseful for my own actions, because they were committed against family member, inlaws, and my beloved wife. So, this has and still does affect me deeply and personally, unlike when the victims are unknown or unrelated to their accused killers. For me, knowing that I have a son, and step daughter that I love deeply, and knows the pain they must be going through to be without their Mother, Father, and as for the victims of my brother inlaw Titue, his beloved kids, as well.  This makes it all the more hard for someone like myself. I pray that their hearts are comforted daily by Gods calming love and spirits upon them.  For all the families enduring this unfortunate event in their lives.  To all the victims and those extended family members. Im deeply regretful for the pain Ive caused in youll lives……
Now as when ones accused of a crime, hes deserving of due process hes entitled to rights still regardless of the acts theyve committed, or accused of committing. I as for one, has owned up to my actions and since the instant it happened, has always wanted to tell my side, explain my actions that caused those lives to be taken so early in theirs.  But as the words, Ive listed above will give you a detailed event of why and how I ended up on death row.  Not.. because Ive taken two lives. Even though one, was indeed lawfully justified under Texas law, and any other states law to be for sure.  Thats the right to defend your own life, when its threatened  and under serious attack, as mine was the night these two beautiful lives was taken, and other lives forever destroyed…
After any crime is committed, theres a process undertaken which is called investigations From the outcome of these investigations, if they are properly done, by both the State, which is law enforcements, and the potential defense team,  However way before any defense team is mantled, or formulated, the State has all the so called evidence and any related statements, from witnesses to this crime, from this an indictment is formed. This piece of paper, is the most powerful piece of paper ever. This alleged piece of paper can destroy lives to the fullest! Because its alleging/accusing you of a crime!  Now whether these claims are true or not, they will cause you hell.  This piece of paper called an indictment outlines all that youve been accused of doing, the crime in which you did commit, or the THINKS youve committed. Often times then not, when it comes to a Capital Murder chargethere will always be instances where added or exaggeration of additional elements to enhance the crime to a Capital murder, this making this person eligible for death penalty.  Remember the words I started this off with? Those words starts then, as soon as the so called investigation has begun and completion thereof…..
Have you heard of the word motive?  This is what the Police calls, the actions or reasons why one committed their act. If, If infact this motive isnt known, then they will formulate whats called a theory and from their Theory to either a known or unknown motives, this is where those three words listed in the beginning of these writings begins.  But it does not stop there!  Its continued all throughout the entire process of the trial, from  each stage, from Investigation, forming of indictment, which is charging the accused, and into the first stages of selection those potential jurors whom will be methodically selected to serve on the jury. These are called death qualified jurors. Wait, allow me  to back up here, I didnt mention to the appointing of counsel  when often times the poor has to be appointed counsel.  This too, Involves a scheme of delusions. Howso? Well for sure I thoughtId be appointed an attorney, whom would have my best interest at hand! I for sure thought, and was guaranteed that this court appointed lawyer would indeed fight for my rights to, for a fair trial Not only for that, but for my life!!!! Big mistake I made…..
But before I even go into that part, think of it as this, before you can even work with your court appointed counsel, you have to be able, Yourself. Well youll come to know as this story proceeds onward that I wasnt in the best of shape to consult with any lawyers before any proceedings began, because of my severe injuries suffered in the commission of this crime on, sentenced to die for. But, after a couple of major operations, and regaining my sense of self, I did meet one to two times with a man whom would have my life in his hands.  And, from the first day, I met him, I expressed my desires to tell my side!! Explain to the jury, my family, my inlaws, family members what truly took place. But I was forbidden from doing this, by again refer back to those three words I listed earlier.  Not only I was deceived, the jury was deceived by their jury instructions, the evidence they were told about, which wasnt any evidence at all. All parties was deceived, except for those whom planned and played a part in the cast of actors, as the play unfolded before my eyes in less that a weeks time.  It took four days to begin and end this process that landed me on death row!  Four days it took, and after fifteen years, Im still in trial court!….
I will explain for you all each and every point on how I and the citizens of Texas was deceived in sending me to death row! So this will be continued…..
I hope that what youve read thus far will want you to read and know more, understand how a man can be sentenced to death when hes not deserving of death, when the facts and evidence doesnt allow for his life to be taken.  When  the laws of this state clearly says that, under certain crimes, committed, those persons whom committed that a crime shouldnt have his life taken, but be punished in another form/fashion,.. But from Deceiving the jury, Duping the condemned and Deluding everyone, time and time again this takes place here in Texas, men and women are sentenced to die from their juries being deceived, deluded and duped!  …
I shall bring this to a close for now, and continue to gather more supporting evidence to back these claims. Not just hear my words, but to show that were all deceived into death her in Texas!!!!….
Id like to hear any comments from anyone who reads this, and challenge me on your own thoughts, feelings or emotions, and the law on what I shared with you.  Im only wanting to educate and at the same time, expose my injustices, not just mine, but all of Texas condemned.  I can only do this with my own case,  for an example.  I shall attempt to make this as simple as I can and help you to follow along and understand what all I share with you about Texas deceitful death penalty. Until Next time. ….
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