An error in a printed work, discovered after printing and shown with its correction on a separate sheet…
Now what you about to read is the trial testimony of the 1st Officer that arrived on the crime scene that unfortunate night.  I will point out for you what was Changed or, corrected so to speak in the record here.
This is very easy to follow along, and the Questions are asked by the District Attorney, and the Answers are from the Officer.

Direct Examination  –  is questions directed at the witness, from the State/D.A.-Sutton

Voir Dire Examination  –    is questions directed at the witness, from Defense Attorney-Williams

Cross Examination   –    is questions directed at the witness, from Defense Attorney-Williams

On Page (11), which would be page 84 from trial transcripts No 9, it has been redacted deleted.

This Officer Woodard, said at trial and in open court that when he arrived at the residence, that he couldnt get close to the house because of many cars/vehicles from family members had come there.  This was said before he says that he entered the house…
Now, whats so importantly about this deleted testimony? Because, it further shows that the family members had contaminated the crime scene before his arrival. You will read further on how questions were asked to him where he located a weapon from, that was used against me. As you will see and read how my own incompetent lawyer didnt address this matter, and even tried to silence his testimony when asked questions in regards to this weapon being removed, and whom had taken it, from the crime scene.
Now, was this sounding like an attorney thats working with/for his client or against his client, at page 86 No. 5-10 Trial transcripts, location? Again at page 85 No 4-12

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